Q&A With Toronto Producer Chef Byer

byer1Gregory “Chef” Byer is a Producer From Burlington Ontario. His credits include Ob Obrien, Sonreal, A Game, Andy Mineo, Sese,  and of course….P8e!

I met Chef while working on Sonreal “One Long Day” , He’s got 2 track credits on the album, “Monday Night” Ft.Kardinal Offishall, and “All“.  About a year later I bought some production for my album.






An artist that you started listening to at a young age and still frequently listen to

This is a difficult one. Gangstarr. The production on those legendary albums really drew me into the world of hip-hop at a young age. I was 6 when I saw “Mass Appeal‘ for the first time on Rap City. I still bump “Hard to Earn” and “Moment of Truth” till this day.

Favorite producer?

Easy Mo Bee

Favorite Album of all time

Ready to Die” Notorious B.I.G.

If you could collab with any artist living or dead

Kanye West

If I wasnt making music I would be…..?

a registered nurse living with great health benefits and a govt. pension plan

Any Ideas on how to help the music industry grow

haha Ask me this in a few years

Favorite song of your own or worked on or placement?

Now I Know” for Andy Mineo…I had a lot of fun creating that beat.


I hate it when rappers………..

Marginalize their potential by conducting bad business

Favorite movie?

The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Fav Sneaker?

Nike Air Trainer Huarache

Where do you see music in ten years from now?

The market will be filled with independent labels…and I’ll be around

A vst plugin or outboard gear that gets used on every or most records u make
Fruity EQ 2…my favourite

First thing you made a beat with/on

Creative Labs Wav Editor…I used to chop samples and line them up with drum loops. The beats were dope, but the process was super advanced lol I’m surprised what patience and creativity I had with that simple wav editor.

Fav compressor

API -2500 (digital version by Waves)

Fav Beatles song?

Hey Jude

Fav Stevie wonder song?

Ribbon in the Sky

Any plugs shout outs ect?

Shoutout to everyone who ever bought or downloaded a song I produced. I love y’all.

Fav Dr.Dre Song or album (doggy style counts)

The Cronic 2001 – That album is incredible…not one bad song from start to finish.

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