Scotian Sparxx “All I Do” Stevie Remix


This is one of my favorite Stevie Wonder Joints to begin with. When Sparxx hit me with vocals back for this I was blown away,  I had to go right to work putting this one together,

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Interview with Adam Bomb

adambombagainAdam Bomb

Ive enjoyed Adam Bomb’s music for quite a few years from his early solo stuff, Freedom Writers ,all the way to Natural Born Strangers (his group with Tona and Rich Kidd.)
He is one of my top favorite hip hop artists from Toronto. He has a classic rap style and doesn’t sugar coat his rhymes. I got a chance to shoot him a bunch of questions about his influences and thoughts about hip hop!

Favorite producer
Favorite Album of all time
The Man and His Music (Sam Cooke)
If you could collab with any artist living or dead
Sam Cooke
If I wasn’t making music I would be…..
Into Graphic Design or Alcoholism
Any Ideas on how to help the music industry grow
Artists and management must be willing to try new ideas
rather than following standard formulas.
Favorite song of your own or worked on
Nowhere – Empire
I hate it when rappers…….
Say “lyrical” or “verbal” anything.
Favorite movie
A Bronx Tale
Favorite Sneaker
White/Cement Jordan 4
Where do you see music in ten years from now?
Still in need of improvement
Favorite plug in or VST in the studio
Sometimes I plug in my phone to charge it. I know zero about the
recording process. I should learn though.
An artist that you started listening to at a young age and still frequently listen to
Chuck D.
Any plugs shout outs ect?
Look out for anything Adam Bomb, NBS, Freedom Writer related
and to P8e for the questions.
Favorite Tona solo track
Show Me Some Love

Favorite Adam Bomb Solo track
Let Me Down Easy

Ft.Mayhem Morearty & Navy Sealz


Favorite Rich Kidd Beat or Solo Track



Favorite NBS (Natural Born Strangers) collab Track


BONUS QUESTION Fav Dr.Dre Song or album (doggy style counts)

(P8e)  One my person favorite Adam Bomb Solo tracks

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Whats In P8’s iTunes?

Whats In Your iTunes?…. Do You Have Certain Playlists Singles Or Albums That Are Permanent Daily Or Weekly Musts?

I most certainly do! I’m going to share 3 (not necessarily top pics).. But 3 pics that have remained a constant in my music listening. At least once in a week I will hit up one of these picks, It would be near impossible to go for all time favorites, but I thought it would be cool to share some of the music that inspires me!!

Stevie Wonder

stevieblogI can’t seem to get enough Stevie,  The recording are so clean and big for how old they are, His song writing, melodies and just his epic story alone keeps these classic new every time I listen,  I started with this because he has remained a constant in my itunes for years and years!


Rick Ross “Trilla”

91Ujefz55yL._SL1500_I don’t have much to say, its pre Ross “Trap” and the songs are all real catchy. When it came out I feened to get my mixes big like that,  I don’t really follow Rosay or share his content but I pretty much enjoy all his music. If he hand picks all his beats he has quite the ear. Almost all of his features and producers are top notch!


Fundoobiest “Brothas Doobie”

61iCb7qW9nLI had this when I was Young, I’m sure this was one of those low volume when my parents were home type shits. I remembered parts of it from my youth, but when I took it all back in years later I really appreciated this whole album start to finish. Its another odd one, but it feels like such a classic, I still re visit this on the regular.